Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Madison Wedding Photography of Nichole and Pete

Nichole and Pete got married in Madison, Wisconsin at the Madison Museum or Contemporary Art.  It's a cool place right on State Street just down the road from the Capitol.  It's the place attached to the Overture Center with all of the windows overlooking State Street.  Lots of natural light in this place.  Thankfully it was a clouds and snowy day.  Made some great pictures.  Check out the pictures and links below:

Nichole's and Pete's Wedding Slide Show --; click here

All of the pictures -- click here

And a few select pictures for you to check out...

Thanks for looking!

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Stacy Squires Photography said...

stunning :-)

joe navas said...

Really great stuff. I noticed you've moved to a Fuji setup. I have just transitioned from a full frame Canon kit with the 35/85L combo as my bread and butter to the XT1 with the 23/56 (and the various other primes.) We're about to begin our season here and I'm rather excited, but would love to hear any thoughts you might be willing to share regarding your move. Again, really lovely composition and light.
-Joe Navas
Organic Photography - Cape Cod