Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Appleton, Wisconsin Wedding Photography of Melissa and Tyler

Next up is the wedding of Melissa and Tyler.  They did something a little different this last weekend.  They first had a small private ceremony at St. Nicolas in Freedom, Wisconsin on Thursday night.  then on Friday was the big celebration (and 1 day vow renewal) at Homestead Farms which is just north of Oshkosh.  On the second day we just avoided some thunderstorms and it turned out pretty nice.  After the ceremony we rode around the property being towed by a tractor and made a few stops along the way for pictures.  After that was done the reception started up and Tyler was a near constant presence on the dance floor.  Was a great evening!  Check out the pictures below!

Melissa's and Tyler's Wedding Slide Show

All of the pictures (click here to order too!)

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