Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Delafield, Wisconsin Wedding Photography

Up next is the wedding of April and Ryan. I went down to Delafield, Wisconsin. They had their ceremony at the St. John's Victory Chapel. Very cool fortress like church.

Here is their slide show: April and Ryan

Aaaand here are a few pictures!



Kiel, Wisconsin Wedding Photography...

Time for some more slide shows! :) Up next is the wedding of Alicia and Aaron who got married in Kiel, Wisconsin and the reception in Sheboygan Falls.

Here is their slide show: Alicia and Aaron

Here are a couple pictures...


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hannah and Ralph, Fond du lac Wedding Photography

Nope! Not done with the wedding slide shows today! :) Up next is the wedding of Hannah and Ralph who got Married in Fon du lac, Wisconsin. Between the ceremony and the reception (held at the Ramada Inn in Fond du lac) we stopped at Lakeside Park.

Here is Hannah's and Ralph's slide show: Hannah and Ralph

Here are a few pictures too!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Manitowoc Wedding Photography

Over Labor Day weekend following Jennifer and Scott's wedding in Milwaukee I headed over to Manitowoc for the wedding of Kim and Aaron. I actually knew Aaron from Lakeshore's Rising Stars as I did the photography for them. It was good seeing them! After the ceremony we went over to a park on Lake Michigan for some great photos!

Here is the slide show! Kim and Aaron

Again, a couple pictures to tease...
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Milwaukee Wedding Photography

At the beginning of September Jennifer and Scott got married at the Milwaukee Yacht Club. They had an afternoon wedding outdoors and the evening lighting was great for their ceremony. The reception was also held at the Yacht Club.

On to the slide show! Jennifer and Scott

Here is a taste of their pictures:




Green Bay Wedding at the Railroad Museum

Emily and Jason got married at Heritage Hill in Green Bay. The chapel there is a neat place! Lots of history involved with it. Also a great place for pictures! :) They then later had their reception at the National Railroad Museum! What an awesome place for a reception! The old and historic trains made for some great backgrounds!

Here is their slide show: Emily and Jason

Here are a few pictures too!
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I love that last dance picture!


An Oshkosh Wedding...

Time to catch up on some wedding slide shows that should have been published a bit ago... Becky and Donny had their wedding here in Oshkosh back in mid August. They had it at the Waters which is the former VFW. Great place for weddings right on the lake!

Here's their slide show!

Becky and Donny

And a few pictures:
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