Thursday, May 10, 2007

Engagement Shoot

Also had an engagement shoot a few weeks ago. I had a blast with Phil and Jenni wandering around Milwaukee, WI. I also got to got to the cool looking art museum for the first time. That place has lots of potential for portraits!!! Looking forward to their big day!!!

Here is a slideshow of our wanderings:

Jenni and Phil

Rubber Chicken Flling!

Here in Wisconsin you can find some unusual stuff going on.... My wife discovered last year that the town of Princeton, WI has this thing called the "Rubber Chicken Fling". If you know me I love all things chicken and birds in general. I just had to go and see what this was all about... And it happened to be on my birthday as well (a bonus!).

Here is a slideshow of the days events:

Rubber Chicken Fling


Abby, my wife, is a kindergarten teacher in Omro, WI. Every year one of the classes has the "chick unit". Basically the class gets a bunch of eggs from a local farmer and raises them until they are small chicks. I love chicks. I HAD to document this. One day I was lucky to see one of them hatch. It was so AWESOME!

Here is a slideshow of the process and a few portraits of the chicks at the end:

Lots of Chicks!!!