Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chasing Owls!

Went and chased owls today. Got up early this morning and went down to Horicon National Wildlife Refuge. There have been numerous and consistent sightings of a snowy owl right off Hwy 49. I got there just after sunrise and there he was...

Later on after stopping home I headed over to Killsnake Wilderness Area. It is just a little East of Chilton. There I should find short-eared owls. Got there a little after 3 and saw this guy sitting on the side of the road....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year!

Man am I lazy when it comes to this blog. Oh well!

The new year started out with a POP! Have had two great weddings already on Jan 3rd and Jan 6th.

2 down 28 or so more to go! Going to be an awesome year.

Angie and Armando got married in Door County on January 3rd. Was a fun little evening wedding. It got colder after the sun went down but we still took a few pictures outside.

On January 6th up in Appleton Erika and Aaron got married. Spent all day with them hanging out and shooting some pictures. Had lots of fun with them and their party.