Monday, January 04, 2010

Milwaukee Wedding Photography

The day after New Years Day I went down to Milwaukee for the wedding of Dawn and John.  They had their wedding and reception at the Rotunda.  A very cool place!

Here are a few pictures:


Let me know what you think!


andy stenz said...

fantastic images ken! the last shot is my favorite - very strong with the composition and the lighting. the b&w of the dress tying up is good too - i love the moment with the girl looking through the shades in the background.

i have a wedding/reception there next year that i'm very excited about. i heard they were doing some renovations on the building.

Unknown said...


I think most of the renovations are done.

Jeff said...

I have to agree with Andy that the last shot is my favorite. While I love the light and the way you framed it, it's the emotion that you know was there that draws you in. Very nice.